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They used those amps to save costs as they figured alot of customers would go for the digital aspects of the card and analog users could always change out the amps if they wanted. This XM still sounds very good with stock amps and can best alot of different cards. With new opamps there is no comparison. As for the best amp for the job, electronics is all about tolerances and the best fit for the job. You can't just slap whatever opamp you want in there as there is danger of oscillation and other concerns. I have five different sets of audio opamps for my card, I wanted to try out various ones to see which I liked and I finally decided on the LM4562's but there are a couple others that are very nice sounding. I think the OPA2134's and LM4562's will be a good match for tone and color atleast Auzen used good quality Audio opamps all the way around the card. I would prefer the ability to decide which amps I want to use. That being said I think they used great amps. They are not as different as some people think.

There is a mod changer app for the X-Fi's that allows you to relate modes to applications so the card switches automatically to the desired mode. I will be using that if/when I get a Prelude.
I don't think it is so much faith in Auzen, people have seen examples of their work and know they make quality products. I understand what you mean though.

Again welcome to the forums.....

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