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Default LCDguy's NAS - Updated 12/02/2009

I figured i would move my thread from builds to Worklogs.

I am planning on build a new NAS box and i wanted everyone's opinon on the workability of the hardware i am putting into this.

Case - Antec Atlas
Mobo - M2A-VM
Ram - G.Skill F2-6400CL 5D-4GBPQ
CPU - AMD 64 X2 6200+ 65NM
HDD - WD 1TB Black x4
Raid - Areca ARC-1210 4 port PCI-E x8
Optical Drive - LG DVD Burner

I think everything seems fine but my only worry is will the raid card work in the sole X16 graphics port. that is really the only linchpin.

So i have managed to get some pictures taken. Here they are and a bit of an update on the build

First off i have changed the raid card to a 3ware 9690SA-4i SAS/SATA card.

The parts i have recieved thus far are as follows.

Asus P5Q Pro
G.Skill 4GB PC2-6400 DDR2 Ram
3Ware sff8087 to 4x sata breakout cable
Intel Core 2 Duo E7400
Antec Atlas Server case with 500w antec PSU

i am still waiting on

4x 750GB Samsung F1 RAID Drives
Xigmatek HSF
3Ware 9690SA-4i Raid Card
2x 92mm Noctua Fans.

Without further ado here are the pictures.

First up is the ram. I really like g.skill and have had really good sucess sofar i have around 6 sticks of it kicking around.

The plain jane dvdrom, you might be asking why i didn't get a dvd burner. honestly it wasn't necesarry. Besides when you spending $800 on a raid card and 4 hdd. every little bit helps :)

next up is the all important breakout cable since my raid card doesn't have any sata ports on it only a single 36 pin sff 8087 sas connector. This guy is really cool.

Intel core 2 duo e7400. You might think that is over kill but keep in mind that this nas will also be transcoding HD content to stream to my ps3 so the more power the better.

The p5Q Pro, this is probably one of asus's best selling motherboards period. I already have one and it has been rock solid. Not to mention it got me free shipping for my 30lb antec case :).

hmm Sata cables' i don't think i will be needing those :)

And finally the antec case. Let me just say a couple things about this case.

1. it is very short not much shorter than a desktop case. Which makes it ideal for my implentation.

2. The thumbscrews on the back of the side panel are rivted to the panel. Very nice.

how ever there are some drawbacks. Firstly to remove the drives you need to remove the front bezel and then the fan cage. This is pretty effortless since it's all push tabs and thumb screws. Anyway enough of my blabbing. Time for more pictures.

PS - As you can see all of my mods need teh sniff of approval from my "supervisor" Glitch :)

Anyway since i don't have the HSF yet (IMHO the intel one is pure garbage) i am not going to start assemballying this beast until i get at a minimum my next shipment. Who knows maybe i will get my raid card on the same day. Anyway ciao for now.

UPDATE - 04/02/2009

Well the purolator man commeth and delivered the rest of my stuff. I will take pics tonight of the remaining parts and the build. Hopefully (depending how tired i am) i might be able to get some benchmark results.

UPDATE - 14/02/2009

Well i got my typhoon GX on friday and it is byfar one of the coolest LCD modules i have ever used. Here are some pictures of the unit being installed.

The unit looks much more stream lined than the photo dipict since i used the flash it light up the IR sensor.

and here is a link to the video file. See if you can notice my tribute to HWC in the video.

and now for something completely different

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