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Thanks for the replies.

Originally Posted by Robscix View Post
Petey, Welcome to the boards....

The LM4562's do not add more distortion that I can notice. They are very clean amps compared to alot of others I have tested. Auzen picked the stock opamps and fully expected them to be replaced, this is why the card if outfitted with sockets.
I just wonder that they put average amps to a card called X-Meridian (Quote from Auzen webpage: "The name X-Meridian reflects our belief that this sound card marks the dividing line between all past and future soundcards".) OPAMP's are not that expensive. Anyway the possibility to swap is a great thing. Some people I know just think that because diff. amps have different characteristics/specifications, they are not such a perfect match to the design as the planned parts.

Most people keep the volume of the XM at 60% because of the hot outputs. Most audio gear can handle it but some cannot. The OPA2134's are good amps also and have been used extensively by the DIY community and quite a few production models. OPAMPS are extremely hard to tell apart with a quick listen.
In MY opinion the hardware side should be as optimum as possible, exactly same tone/color of sound coming from all channels. Let the room/users/other equipment mess up the sound. Having different OPAMP's is just wrong in my opinion. And reading the forums (with a critical filter of course ;)) a lot of people think the OPAMP -change is not that extremely insignificant. I think it's a design flaw and saving in the wrong place when doing a high-end multichannel soundcard. I wonder why everyone else seems to think it's cool like it is on Prelude?

I was actually one of the first people to use the LM4562's in the XM's around the forums as they were very new at the time and a few of us started recommending them to others @AVS. Everybody loved them and now it is just commonplace that people use these amps on the XM and now people are modding X-fi's with them and they have been included in new cards.
I know, have been following the discussions @AVS

The Prelude Drivers...
The drivers would be most likely be similar in base only. The card sports alot of different options the X-fi's do not have. They would need to be modified to some extent I would think. They would also need to be modified further for the inclusions of DD-Live and DTS-Connect. I don't think Auzen would release a card with any issues in the drivers or the hardware. When the XM was released it was solid and stable.
Nonetheless it is a fact that Creative makes the drivers, they have different modes in the drivers (which i dislike) etc. The addition of DDL/DTS is probably not that big of a change, it's just a matter who wants to pay the licence costs and who does not. Currently there are a lot of assumptions and rumors about the upcoming cards, the truth remains to be seen... Nice to see people having a lot of faith in commercial companies, hope that Auzen fulfills the set expectations.

Maybe it's just me being too much of perfectionist, sorry for that :)
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