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Default XBOX360 Thoughts

Well I'm having thoughts of water cooling my XBOX360, once it get's "repaired" again that is...

So my original thought is to use the XSPC XBOX360 block which Sidewinder now has and then some pump and radiator which is where I have issues.

I'd prefer if it was all internal but if it must be external, then a very minimal footprint. Maybe like a dual 80mm radiator attached to the rear fans externally? I definitely don't want a huge 120mm radiator stuck on it somewhere.

Of course, cost needs to be kept to an absolute minimum. At first I was thinking about use parts from a CoolIt PURE (when it's onsale for $50 or so) but all I'd be using would be the tiny pump which for $50, I could almost just get a MCP350 or something. I don't think the dB-1 would fit inside though.

Anyways, share your ideas, I don't even know when/if I can afford it, but maybe...

Oh and don't mention that Lian-Li case. It's ugly and poorly finished IMO.
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