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Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
You are forgetting about the Xonar Essence. Which AFAIK is THE card to use for headphones.

But it is like $75+ more than the Forte.
I did forget to mention this card, but also looked into it but at $70 more it didn't seem worth it. The Essence STX uses the AV100 audio chipset, the same one in the Xonar DX not the AV200 like the D2X or AV100. And while their isn't a huge difference some of the other componets are similar to the DX too making it not such a great deal.

It also only supports surround with a digital connection and my older but still great Logitech Z-540 4.1 speakers require 3.5mm plugs for front and rear connection and don't have a digital option. Allowing me to use my headphones fine but only able to use the front channels of my 4.1 system.

IMHO The Essence STX is not a good value/feature set card.
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