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Originally Posted by biff View Post
Thanks for the reply but did this end up in the wrong thread? I'll have a look at the omega's though forgot all about those.

So far from the feedback:

1.) Forte is as good as the Prelude and the Forte is about $50 cheaper. If the Forte is the same SQ as the Prelude Then I'd rather buy the Prelude just to not have to use a breakout cable.

2.) the Prelude and Forte are better than the xplosion even though the explosion is muchmore upgrade friendly in the opamps.

So, so far the prelude is the best choice?
SQ on both will be pretty much exactly the same, unless you're using high impedance headphones. Then the dedicated headphone amp on the Forte will provide a much better sound.

I personally would rather not have the break away cable either but I can certainly live with it. Especially since I'd rather have the card in a PCIe slot instead of below and I love the integrated headphones amp.
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