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Originally Posted by lpfan4ever View Post
Well, I've picked up the 150N since I found out Canada Computers had a few refurbished ones, and I'm not having much luck with it. I got it flashed with DD-WRT easily, set up WPA (because my Xbox doesn't support WPA2). Here's where the problem is coming in. I am getting the same 2 bar reception as my old wireless G router, and there's nothing fancy with the speeds I'm getting either. Lots of 30 second hangs.
I've been on the DD-WRT forums and someone else has had ear the same problems, and suggested placing the router higher up and changing a couple of the wireless values. Infiniti, maybe you could chime in and see if you know something that might help me. The hangs are mostly ocurring while playing games, such as Counter Strike Source.
Hmm.. It might be the router problem. I'm on wireless right now, and have the router downstairs, but I'm still getting good latency on games.

Also, the laptop that is up here is getting way better reception than my old router, as it is getting all 5 bars now other than the old 2.
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