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My System Specs


Originally Posted by 3oh6 View Post should not need near that much voltage for Ballistix. of course, every kit is different but 2.4v seems waaaay too high for only 580MHz. i have had 4 Ballistix PC-8500 kits, 1 tracer / 3 non tracer, and they were all Orthos stable at 5-5-5 2.25v (DMM measured) or less.

this is from the last kit of 8500 Ballistix (non tracers) i bought about 3 weeks ago from NCIX:

600MHz :: 5-5-5-8 :: Dual 32M SPi :: 2.12v

for multi hour Orthos / Win Memtest stability, i have to bump up to 2.17v (2.15v in BIOS) and slightly adjust some secondary timings with that Ballistix kit. keep in mind, i have clocked over 20GBs of D9*** memory on this particular P5B-Dlx so i know it intimately and can clock memory on it blindfolded almost.

the other thing i wanted to mention was that 2.4v for extended periods of time tends to be a bad thing, especially for Ballistix. i really don't feel the Levin PCBs they use handle voltage all that well. just my opinion and not really based on anything factual aside from a couple experiences with PC2-5300 and PC2-6400 kits. i wish i had some experience with a 965-S to perhaps provide some insight for ya but i have never touched one...but desperately want to ;)
Thanks for the advice and the link......

I know I don't want to run 2.4 for any length of time, I'm just feeling out the combination of CPU/Mobo/Mem for the first time today and that voltage came up as a quick fix for the timings I had set.

I'm hoping to find a working max for the CPU tonight, and then work on the Mem over the next couple of days.

It's not the dark I'm playing with right now, this is on the Giga P35-DQ6 with a new(to me) E6600 that I don't really know the OC capabilities of.
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