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found my old book of notes

i had bios 1103/ram at limit 200 means 1=1/[disable peglink it overclocks your v-card automaticly as u increase fsb]i ran mine at 250x10 1.250v cpu/limit 200 ram 2.60v ram 3-3-3-7 1t

sb=nb link=16/16
k8=nb linkwidth=16/16
pci freq-100
k8=nb=4x stay at 1000 or less
sb=nb mult=4
disable usb legacy if going over 250 fsb
max async lat=auto
dram responce time=normal
read premable=auto
idle cycle limite=256
dynamic counter=disable
rwq bypass=16
bypass max=4
32 bit gran=4 burt

that board should clock well the highest fsb i found in my notes was315x8=2520 cpu 1.275v/ram limite 166=252 2.60 v

keep it at stock volts cpu should go pretty well i think

i allso remember somthing else about a formula were u have 2 keep your ram and cpu volts inbtween a certan # or u can cause damage 2 the cpu ill look 4 that in my notes and post it if i can find it

ill try 2 help u as u go along just ask ?s and i can look it up 2 c if i could help

2 change multiplyerset fid vid 2 manuel

dont enable any overvolt settings [ eg cpu at 1.325=1.525 with overvolt enabled
Man all this computor stuff is 2 addicting.Even thou i dont need 2 i allways wanna upgrade.

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