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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
Babrbarossa, is that an EK multioption res in your box? How do you like it? I've got one in my cart at NCIX right now, trying to decide whether to hit the buy button.
Which one do you have in your cart? I think that the 100 is a little small (110ml) but the 250 is too big- it's 25cm tall so why cramp the case for no distinct benefit?

In my opinion, I think that the 150 or 200 are good sizes- the model number is essentially the height in mm and the approximate volume in ml.

As for the price, I haven't used a revision two mcres, but it's a definite yes over the revision one. The mounting for the EK is much simpler, but not awkward or obtrusive. I find that despite having multiple mounting options, the mcres always seems to stick out in the way, and crazy tubing bends are necessary. I like having a little extra volume than the mcres provides too.

If budget it tight, however, there is nothing wrong with the mcres- it does filter out air bubbles very well.
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