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Thx man !

I've got the final pic sans lable for yah at the end of this post.


Heh.......calibrated spacers indeed....... ..those two tanks were not square to each other at all......I've removed all the shims , it looks good , close as I could get probably.


@ death hawk :

Yea , all these kegs etc. carry a lable like that....The one yer looking at I bought from Wildrose breweries here in Calgary......the inner tank I got from a metal recycler...pepsi has the lable on that one , the big keg I have ( also from the recycler) is from 'Interbrew' (aka Heineken ) .......


@ 3 of 7 ;


I would have thought the construction of all the resevoirs from keg's or half kegs , would have clued you in , but good eye man ! that's a 'Big Rock Grasshopper' beer cap.hehehhe.


I have finished the solvent recovery tank , AKA : 'Dry Ice cooled , fast flow solvent condenser'..........


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