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Question GTX 295 3Dmark06 of 13019?

First, This is rocks! very nice. I used to live near Winnipeg. Now Colorado.

I just got my GTX 295 and popped it in last night. Ran 3dmark and what a disappointment. ORB - Compare

I am going to try and re clean and reinstall the drivers but i am not optimistic. I have a Q9650 coming today so maybe its the processor holding me back

Facts so far:
  1. All games run at 1920 X 1200
  2. Processor Q6600 at stock speeds.
  3. Ram at DDR2-800
  4. 3 of the four rails from the PSU are used for the GPU. Each rail is 18amps.
  5. I have re seated the card and no improvement.
  6. A Killer NIC is installed.
  7. The light on the card is Green.
  8. Check the temp at SB and NB at 100F not 100C.
  9. Tried one stick of ram.
  10. Tried one stick of ram and one hard drive and no PCI cards.
  11. NB, CPU, All VR are water cooled.

On the bright side COD4 runs much better than my 4870(solid 125 FPS vs 80~100).

Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.
Mother board: ASUS Maximus X38 WC on NB, SB, and VR
Processor: Q9650 WC
Power: Silverstone 750W ST75ZF
Memory: Crucial 4Gb DDR2-800
Video: ASUS GTX295
pump / radiator: Koolance EXOS 2+

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