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OK, you know the Dell laptops that will run a Ghost Restore by hitting Ctrl-F11 when they boot?
Here's how I made my own custom one on an Inspiron 600m... ( Most of the credit goes to Goodells Net thanks)

I formated the C partition and did a clean install from an XP Home disk to avoid all the Dell crap....

Obtain the ptedit.exe utility. If you have a Partition Magic CD, locate the file ptedit.exe on it, or else download an older version from
Copy the file to some place you will be able to run it from when booted to DOS, such as a floppy disk, CD, or USB flash drive.

( I used the Norton System Works cd and pressed “8”)

Bypass the Dell MBR. Boot to DOS, load a mouse driver, and run ptedit. Use ptedit to change the 'Type' code of the third partition from 'DB' to '0C'. (zero C) This will unhide the partition with the Ghost image on it..

Run Ghost to make an image on the newly visible drive in the IMG folder… (Use Ghost 2003 for computers older than 2006)
Call the ghost image “FI” without the quotes and do NOT use a file extension

Make a DSRFIX boot cd

Have a read of the .pdf file that's in the zip file to see what it does..

Boot from the cd and run DSRFIX /f to repair the dell restore mbr...

Inside the Dell PC Restore Partition
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