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Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
Ok so here is an update.

Since this is a Wyse thin client machine it doesn't have a psu, it is just run with a ac adapter. So what I did was take a different model and swapped my hard drive and motherboard into the other case (I wanted to anyways, has a little bit more room for the hard drive) and then plugged in the CD again. And now it works without a problem. Oh and this is with the same ac adapter, so either it was some one off thing or the converter that the ac plugs into was messed in the other case. I will find out once I plug another mobo into that case again. But hey for now I am happy since I got it working and now can get some of my oldie but goodie games (classic Sierra adventure games mostly) onto it.
Sierra adventure games? Like the roger wilco ones? God that brings me back..
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