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Originally Posted by death_hawk View Post
It's quite entertaining to see a cooling system that's gonna be 10x the cost of the computer going in

It's true.It's a costly venture , but the payoff is tenfold ,just from a "I like to build stuff and play" standpoint , not to mention all the cool stuff I'm learning..I certainly could not have done it without the help of a lotta awesome people.

It is an 'experimental cooling system' , built for purely research , so the cost is really irrelevant....It may not even work....who knows, but lets find out !!

Update time.

The solvent recovery tank is essentially finished.

Input lines siliconed into place :


Output line siliconed , Inner tank shown , de-stickered and cleaned :


Inner tank installed , silicone seals 99% done :


I am crossing the solvent recovery tank offa the list.The only things left to do are purely aesthetic.......I need to get the Wildrose lable back on , and I am considering a plastic/rubber 'lip' on the top to cover the tank-to-tank seal at the top.

Functionally , it's done !


The main tank has had it's cure time so I'll be working on the next stage of the sealing between the well as the insulation work.

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