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My System Specs


We recently got a better internet connection hooked up. No, I do not miss dialup at all.. cept now I have to bridge my oldest hardware to my LAN to get them online. Easy enough though.

xfire handle = oelmuvun

Games I might be interested in playing:
Race Driver GRID
StarCraft + BroodWar
NFS Undercover
ioQuake III
Quake II
Postal 2 STP
I have some others but they would require …otherservers… <_< >_>

Now that I have a decent internet connection I will make more of an attempt to get games that are good online, so in the future I will have some more popular ones to add to this list.

Add BF2142 + northern strike and Saint's Row 2 to my list.
SR2 is quite buggy but the coop is pretty fun.

I will also do coop Ghost Recon, GRAW1, GRAW2 and VEGAS2 using hamachi

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