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Company Name: Biostar
Product: Cooler Harbor Fan for Northbridge cooling
Warranty Period: 1 Year (not too sure)
Date purchased: 27th Aug 2008
Date RMAed: 21st Dec 2008
Where it was sent to: Country, Province, City: N/A
Ease of RMA: (scale of 1-10): 5
Any extra fees?: No
Wait time: (time it took to get the RMA completed): Over 1 month
Details: (detail the experience): Considering I didn't have to ship anything out, all work was done via email, it still took forever for them to ship the product.
Satisfaction: (scale of 1 - 10): 6

It took them over a month to send me a fan for my northbridge cooler harbor. They had initially sent it out via USPS, after waiting 2 weeks, I heard nothing from them nor I got any package. So new week (Mon), Biostar Support told me they would ship Fedex Ground, after waiting over another week, I emailed them asking if it was shipped, tracking number or something, no reply (that was last week), this week I emailed them yet again in anger, guess what I found a package outside my door from Fedex, then saw an email giving me a tracking number which said delivered (According to them)..
The good part was: If you look at the Cooling Harbor from Biostar, it is a heat-pipe with a fan screws onto it, my first thought they would only send a new fan, and after there email which said "We are only sending you the fan, not the heatsink", I was more sure that I was only getting a fan. When I opened the package, I was surprised by a newly packed unopened clamshell pack of a heatsink+fan+screws, exactly they wait it came when in the motherboard box.

All in all, it took them long, but their english grammar and what they sent me brought me satisfaction. I would suggest to whoever deals with them, just keep buggin them via email every week, otherwise they ain't responding to you quick.
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