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Originally Posted by Corpus Masochist View Post
Rootman, have you got your computer together yet? I am thinking about getting one of those cases but the V2000B instead of the V1000.

I think it is the same as your just that it has a little more space and drive bays.

I like the idea of have more room to add hardware and different accessories.

I take you like your new case?
Not yet, I still need to order the Hard drives, Video card and CPU (waiting until after July 22nd.)

The V2000B is exactly like mine, only larger and more optical and hard drive bays. I would have gone with that one, but my desk/workstation has limited space and the V1000 was just the right size.

I love my case - it has lots of room despite being mid-size, well placed fans, replaceable air filter, internal layout makes it easier to install parts, it looks sexy and it's black!
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