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My System Specs

Default Seeking advice - 775 Mobo, hdd's, ram

I want to purchase a new (RELIABLE) Main Board.

I currently have a the hardware listed below (yet to be properly oc'd, all is stock atm since board has been my LARGEST HASSLE / GARBAGE PRODUCT EVER)

1) I do not want to buy another ASUS product again, for a loooooooong time.

2) I wish to upgrade my ram. I wonder about adding more of my current ram
HP2-5300 DDR2 - Mushkin Enhanced

The timings can be tightened up and oc'd a fair bit for super low latency.

Are there any 775 Boards and 6/8 ddr2 slots and overclock-ability? (and also with 8 SATA 2 ports + ESata? Or would I be better of with a SATA sontroller card?). I am mainly a console gamer, but do game on PC occasionally, I like my computer to be quick and responsive, set up for Bluray watching and burning, and running lots of stuff at the same time.

3) I would like to lots of SATA2 slots (2 raptor 74's to be set up raid one), as well as a large storage drive (raid 10). I am unsure if I want to add more 750gb's to my one existing one, or to buy larger drives? I have 2 main concerns - future (raid) (expandability, reliability and speed) and cost.

4) The newest windows I have used is 32bit Windows XP Pro (daily OS, school and home) I have never really used vista (or a 64bit os). I want to try a Windows 7 Beta, 64-bit version. (with my current CPU - E6600) With this in mind, any thoughts?

Thanks in advance, I look forward to stepping back into some something new and neat :)

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