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My System Specs


Ugh, I really need to open up my dell M2010 and do a thourough cleaning. Had it for almost 2 years now and the gpu has been overheating to the point of lockups. There's only so much dust you can get rid of from the outside with a can of compressed air. Hey mklym, where abouts in "central" alberta are you.... wanna crack open my dell M2010?

Edit: just got it back together, hmm I should have waited until I was home and not on the road. Got it well cleaned (only very fine thin layer of dust, nothing large or "clogging") But I got it all apart, mostly the gpu cooler that I was suspecting. Oops, no new thermal compound with me. Running chip on copper no compound and well my temps went up 25c :( BUT I no longer get any flicker/lockups in the game that was giving me trouble, So i have no clue what I did that may have solved that.

/end hijack

Have an A-1 day!

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