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Originally Posted by The MAX View Post
Thanks guys.

The Radioactive symbol is just a white peel on decal from an auto store!
no uv or nothing. Just white.
Looks cool though eh?

This is the controler - Buy Sunbeam 4 Port Rheobus Fan Controller Kit Black - RHK-BA In Canada.
But the LED's are normally SUPER bright. Not good if its sitting on your desk.
But I Opened the plastic clips and pushed the led's backinto the casing of the controller so they only look bright if you're looking straight into them, but not so bright at any angle past 10degrees or so. Worked pretty well. Easy mod!

Ahh very cool! Guess I should have got the 4 port since it looks that much better! Got the 6 right now and only using 2...
The decal looks good, especially under the light.
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