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Yeah, I'm kind of split myself. I like the red because it makes the case stand out immediately, just by glancing at it. On the other hand, it kind of feels out of place, which is why I like the standard black. Alternatively, I could line the backs of the drive covers with red LEDs, which would emit a "glowing" effect through the cracks of the drive bays.

Probably a little too difficult to accomplish, as I'd need to find the right color, and there's no real guarantee that it would glow evenly around the edges, so I will stick to either red or black.

And no, haha, I didn't copy lowfat's design. I just needed a picture of the frame that I could color, so I used lowfat's, because it was the easiest one to use. As I explained in my first post, mine won't actually look as pictured. I won't be adding a rad in the middle, and I won't be removing the 3.5" drive trays.

Originally Posted by Phobia View Post
i like the red on the inside, and leaving the drive covers black. The waterfall would be cool. What about putting it on its own "loop"? Just get a cheap pump, and use that, you wouldn't need a rad or anything. If you didn't, i could see the waterfall as being a huge flow killer.
What if I had the fittings angled upwards/downwards respectively, and increased the spacing of the acrylic window to 1cm? That should alleviate most of the flow interference.

Also, after thinking about it, it won't be a waterfall. Because the radiator will be at the top of my system, it is likely that the entire window will covered by water. For there to be any air in the window, the window would have to be the highest part of my loop, and what you'd really see is the pumped water flowing through it, like in an aquarium.
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