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If it's that bad, may I ask if your tower is sitting on the floor? When you've got it on the floor sitting on a piece of wood or cardboard or something, every time you walk by it you kick up (this is assuming it's carpeted) you're kicking up dust that will more than likely be sucked into the case.
Also if your feet are beside the tower on the floor, every time you move your feet/change your sitting position you'll be kicking up dust that will definitely be drawn in through the side panel.
If that's the case and if it's at all possible, put the tower on top of your desk or somewhere that dust won't get mixed into the air as much and see if that makes a difference.
Now if your tower isn't on the floor then that all means squat haha!
If the room your computer is in is really dusty, give it a good cleaning and vaccum/wash the carpets (again assuming it's carpeted) Also if you have an air cleaner/purifier use that to help rid the dust from the air.

I can tell you from experience that a dusty room will frustrate the crap out of you lol! For the 2 months I had my computer up (still down because of damn ASUS grr!!) I had to clean the 4 fan filters on my Antec 1200 case WEEKLY! Even then I still got a considerable amount of dust, and a few dog hairs in the case!
My tower was resting on material that was sitting on the carpet and high traffic zone + dusty room (basement) + computer = bleck! annoying! We're redoing and painting the room right now, cleaning out the air in a short while too, as well as making sure we get the most out of the carpet we can, and trying to make some sort of makeshift shelf for the tower to stay off the ground.

There's also a recent thread on here discussing alternatives and where to buy filters
Here's the link if you haven't seen it: Where Can I Buy Dust Filters For Case Fans...?

But if it is really that bad, you can definitely find alternatives to use as dust filters! No doubt there. As mentioned, there are a number of different materials you can use.
As to blocking off the side panel, there's nothing wrong with trying it! Test it out and see if you see a difference in temperatures. Experimenting with airflow through the case by trial and error can result in some pretty good discoveries!
If you have some more powerful, higher CFM moving fans, try fitting them in the front as well.
If all else fails, call up Antec and say HEY! I want to buy a dust filter, and try to work something out with them over the phone.

Sorry for the long read, just throwing a bunch of suggestions out there.
Whatever the case, HWC will help you get things sorted

Good luck!!

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