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Default Antec 900 (painted/slightly modded/and with decent cable management) + Introduction

So hi.
I'm Hugh Newman, from Newfoundland. I'm a Physics graduate student at Memorial University. Just joined today, and I had this post all written up, previewed it and forgot to post it .
So I'm trying this again!

A lot of people say the Antec 900 is no good for cable management. I've had mine since June 2008 and I'm toyed with it, poked at it and after a few simple mods I've gotten it to a place where I'm fairly happy with it. I should also mention this is my first serious build. I've put together comps before but nothing special. Mostly just budget gaming rigs.
Never worried about cable management or cooling or any of that fun stuff. lol

So here's my slightly modded 900. What do you guys think?

the main argument I find is there is no hole for the PSU cables. Well I guess where my PSU isn't a big honking 1000watt I was able to fit almost (not 4pin mobo or PCI-E but because they needed to be routed differently) all my PSU cables to the side of the PSU and out the that hole under the flap that holds the psu down.

For the 4pin mobo connector I cut the zipties and flatted the wires out and taped them down flat underneath the mobo.
The PCI-E wasn't long enough to through the back hole and back around so I cut a small hole just under the usb headers for the firewire/usb front panel connectors aswell as the PCI-E connector. I cut and extended the HDD LED and the reset switch buttons and ran all the front panel connectors down through a hole I cut in the top leading to behind the drive bays. you can see what I mean in this next pic.

And heres the whole case!

Only things that really bugging me now are the sata connectors and the sata power for HDDs and the molex power going to the fan controller. Also a Sata optical drive would be nice .

Anyways I think I did a pretty good job! Its my baby.
But I would gladly take any suggestions. I would like to do some sleeving on the sata power and molex power cables I have, aswell as the PCI-E connector. But I only know how to remove molex connectors and not the other two...

Anyways that's me and that's my case. So nuts to you people who say the 900 is no good for cable management. All it needs is a little TLC. I love the case.
Again if anyone has info on how to sleeve the PCI-E power or Sata power cables reply! Also if you have a suggestion that might improve my cable setup, reply!

- Antec 900 (modded) - Asus P5Q-Pro - 4GB Corsair Dominator DDR2-1066 -
- Palit GTX 260 SONIC 216SP - Core 2 Duo E8400 with Xigmatek HDT-S1283 cooler - 850watt Antec True Power Quattro -
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