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wewt !

k......I did the final bits before siliconing the I/O ports on the solvent recovery tank.

First thing I had to do , was to finish the sizing on the 4" output.You can see from this picture what needs to be done ;


The gaps between the sheet metal and the tank need to be hammered out , to provide a more precise gap for siliconing........The tools for this are a 'hammer-and-dolly' :


I'm actually using the rectangular hammerhead as the 'dolly' or backplate and the round piece as the hammer.

The result : an awesome inverse-saddle joint :


I finished the final grinding on the saddle unions and painted 'em :


So at this point , I'm ready to do the final assembly/siliconing of the recovery tank.

This will be the first piece 100% complete.

Couple more days !

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