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I had an HTPC, not a great one but I learned a couple things:

try to get a keyboard with built in trackball/mouse buttons, I found that it is 100x better than screwing around with 2 seperates, I have this one:

Moneual MK700 Wireless Keyboard - Black / Silver

and this one:

Moneual RF509 RF Wireless Media Center Keyboard 1 Channel W/ Optical Trackball 10M Range 3XAA USB - DirectCanada

I actually like the second one better even though the forst one is the newer "improved version"

As for the vid card, ATI builds in the same HD video specs into all their cards, the higher end cards just play games better, so if you plan on gaming, then the 4850 is good, if no games then a 4350 is more than enough.

ATX is ATX, although stuff like coolers and SATA port placement can play a big role dpending on mobo and case.

I never used the meddia center part, I have my 360 hooked up too.
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