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Maybe it's just because I'm tired and it's been a long night, but I actually found that really amusing!

Now... the processor works - after a fashion. If it boots fine, and runs, albeit less than astonishingly well, would you feel there was any liklihood of this being a problem and causing damage? Temperatures are in the 40's and 50's if that makes a difference. I'm wondering if the BIOS just doesn't specifically support a FSB below 800MHz - I noticed none of the chips on that list run the FSB any slower than 800MHz, and the Celeron D 356 runs it at 533MHz. For that matter, there isn't any way for me to get the RAM to run any faster than 800MHz with that chip installed. Is it likely just a matter of the BIOS not being written to accomodate that chip?

If the CPU is safe, I may just make my dad stick with it until he gets a new processor - I've pulled and installed too many motherboards the past few weeks, so I don't want to pull that one just so he can go back to his old Athlon XP for a couple of months. If it's potentially a motherboard wrecker though, I'll either get him to buy something quicker, or suck it up and put the old motherboard back in.

Thanks for the input, it's much appreciated.
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