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Default Looking for high quality sound card.

I'm looking for a sound card for an HTPC, it won't be used for games. My biggest concern is sound quality. It will be used for HiFi as well as HT. I will only be using the analog outs.

I haven't looked too hard yet as I really don't know many companies that make higher end stuff. I was looking at the Auzentech X-Plosion and it appears to be exactly what I'm after. However.... the price hardly screams quality (you don't get what you don't pay for). Also I see they make a big deal about using JRC5532 opamps. Unless JRC has changed their prioroties, the last I knew of them is that they make cheap knockoff IC's, i.e. not as good as original manufaturer. Also in a book I have on audio op-amp aplications the 5532's are higly regarded, though this book was printed 23 years ago. I realize they are upgradeable but what other corners did they cut?

Any suggestions?
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