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Default Choppy sound/freezing mouse problem

I updated this thread in my last post, but for anyone coming in - I'll quote that last post, followed by the original post:

Well, I took some time to work on my dad's computer, and I found the problem. It really truly is the IDE drive!

I swapped my power supply for his, the choppiness was still there. I swapped my hard drive for his - the choppiness was gone. Just to be sure, I put his power supply back in, and left my drive hooked up - still no choppiness. I took out my drive, and hooked his up, not hooking up the floppy or DVD drives, just to be sure that it was the hard drive - sure enough, the choppiness returned.

So... unless anyone has further ideas, he may just deal with it until a new SATA drive is in the budget.

Original post:

Well so far you guys have been a great help, and I'm here to abuse your freely given knowledge again.

I'm working on my dad's system, and the CPU performance seems very subpar. It does only have a Celeron D 356 running at 3.33GHz for the time being, but it can't even play mp3's or wma's without problems.

The system is:

Windows XP Pro
P5e3 Deluxe WiFi-AP @n
Celeron D 356 3.33GHz
2GB OCZ Gold 10666
Powercolor HD 4670 1GB

When playing music, the music will at several intervals within each song become choppy, and when it does this, the mouse cursor hangs until playback returns to normal.

I have updated the sound driver (Soundmax onboard sound), and I have updated drivers for the motherboard chipsets, but neither has solved the issue.

If it were just a CPU issue, he will eventually be buying a better CPU, but it seems almost unimaginable that this processor couldn't even handle simply mp3 and wma playback.

I have seen some reference to the SATA controllers causing sound issues, but I haven't been able to track down much information on this.

I have essentially had the same system running on my computer with a few exceptions - I have a SATA hard disk - he is running two EIDE drives, I have a Q8200 - he has a Celeron D 356, I am running Vista 64, he is running XP Pro. I currently am using different RAM than he is, but his RAM was previously in my system.

I haven't had the sound issues - I'm assuming that the problem would almost have to be within those few configuration differences?

I'm almost tempted to just give him a fresh Windows install... I probably should. But short of that, any ideas?

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