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Default Low Profile CPU Heatsinks

Hi everyone,

since im a Water Cooling lover i dont follow air cooling for around 4 years...

but now i have a small case(because it will be moving around 4 time a week) WC is not a option...

My system is:
Asus P5N7A-VM
Asus EN8800GT
4G G.Skill pc2 8000
seagate 750gb 7200.11
corsair hx520

stock silverstone 80mm fan for hd
2x zalman 80mm fan over graphic card
120mm fan in the corsair psu(pull air over the cpu)
t-rad 2 are comming for the 8800gt
coolit ramfan for memory
intel stock fan for cpu(what i want to change)

what i want to do is lower cpu temp for OC, my budjet for cpu cooler is 30$/40$ + shipping, taxe...

the clearence for cpu heatsinks is 82mm

The option i can find at this moment:
Arctic cooling freezer 7 low profile for around 20$
Scythe Shuriken for around 30$(i have enoung clearence for changing the fan for(Scythe Kaze Jyu 100MM Cooling Fan 1500RPM 22.0DBA 42.69CFM)
I can also find a thermalright xp 90 and run it without fan(with the psu fan pull air of it)

zalman and nexus build couple of too expensive hs who can fit and thermalright and silverstone build 2 another hs (who i need to use the psu fan), too exensive too...

so what is the best?

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