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Originally Posted by Bryan G View Post
That would be nice, except, I don't have the "Groups or user name" called "Everyone".
Try it the other way around. Look at the properties for the hard drive. Then tick the share check box. Then name it and look to see if the Share button is available or grayed out.

If it is greyed out, look below that and click advanced, once you look at the permissions, 'Everyone' should already be listed. If it is not, click add and just type the word everyone, then click OK.

If you do see everyone in the Sharing permissions area, now click on the 'Security' tab and type the word 'Everyone' in the box and click add. It will then add Everyone to the list (you may have to click the pop-up dialog boxes first).

You have to manually type Everyone -- that is the point I am making, there is not automatically a list to choose from.
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