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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Not the first time something like this has been reported....... :: View topic - HUGE FAHlog file

Not sure if I buy the "corrupted file" theory, but either way deleting it seems to be the answer.
Ya i noticed your post after i posted here.

I didn't think to ask which client you were running.

But I would suggest moving to the standard 5.04 client. The gui 5.03 seems to be nothing but trouble over the long haul. Standard clients have a lot less to go wrong with them .... virtually no interaction with the windows gui, open g/l etc, no support for screen saver mode etc etc.

You can move a wu in progress on the gui to a standard client. Just copy the work dir and queue.dat file to a new folder for the standard client and uninstall the gui one. When the standard client starts up it will find the wu, download a new core for it and pick up from the last checkpoint. If you want it to run automatically and invisibly, just set it up as a service in the config setup. I keep mine on the desktop for my dedicated folding rigs since it makes it easier to stop/start and check on, but on a rig used by others, service is a better option. Don't forget the battery option in config so it doesn't drain your battery when not on ac.

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