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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
I just had a wierd one myself.......

The laptop was slowing down and finally displayed a "your hard drive is too full" error message.......

At first I thought one of the young lad's had filled it up with some form of crap, but it turned out to be the FAH log file....It had grown to 36 Gig!!!!!!!!!!

That's a hell of a lot on an 80 gig drive. :)
If the client doesn't get restarted once in a while the fahlog.txt will just keep growing. the verbosity 9 flag makes it worse since more is written to the log.

The fahlog gets pruned once it get past ~ 50 K and the most recent is moved to fahlog-prev.txt .... but this only happens once when the client is started.

But I dunno how you could have filled that much of a log with only 22 wu's tho. The beta does have problems deleting files from the work directory. The biggest fahlog.txt I ever recall having seen was one of my gpu clients that produced ~1000 eue's in less than a day and it was only 1-2 MB.
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