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Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
Odd message after 44%:

"Gromacs cannot continue further.
Going to send back what have done"

This is on standard client?

The parameters used by the researchers in the simulation can result in some wu's not being able to complete. These are not the same as EUE's caused by an unstable rig.

Assuming the results were returned to the server then the wu will be reassigned to 3? other rigs to see if they also error.

If you only rarely see these it should not be an unstable oc causing it.

Some projects are more prone to these kind of errors than others but stanford tries not to release projects past beta or advmethods if the failure rate is too high (~ > a few %) since it can cause a lot of concern with the average folder.

But at that high of an oc i suspect it was unstable.

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