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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Patriote View Post
First first, could we get your computers specs ?

Second, why do you want to get watercooling ?

Third, are those temps with an overclocked CPU or GPU ?

Normally, ppls get watercooling to push their watercooling further. Now, i do realize that some will get it for the "bling" factor and only for that... But if thats why your aiming at watercooling, then, IMO, it's useless to go watercooling.

Oh and BTW: Your English is terrible. Had a hard time understanding you Kinda hard to help when you can't understand the questions!
oh sorry about my English it was 5 in the morning when i made that and, my grammar sucks i know(sorry) anyway umm specs... antec900, Asrock dual4coreVSTA, e6420@2.3grz, x1950pro 512mb's, x-fi extreme gamer i think, corsair 620 psu, 2gb's kingston ddr2 (cpu z 1.39 says its at 677 mrz 3-3-3-3, but cpu-z 1.40 says 210mrz 3-3-3-3 which is probally whats its at).
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