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Default Using an old ATA hard drive as the boot disk on a P5E3 Deluxe?

First, I hate asking for help with a tech question when I haven't put in my own due effort and diligence, but I had to leave for work, so I thought I might as well ask now instead of later:

I got me and my dad each an ASUS P5E3 Deluxe WiFi AP@n motherboard - mine's up and running fine with my SATA hard disk, but he's got old ATA hard disks and no luck getting it running yet.. The computer will POST just fine, but it will not recognize his ATA hard disks to boot off of them. I took a quick look through the BIOS and tried setting SATA to IDE compatible mode, but that's all I have had a chance to do. His only SATA device is a DVD burner, I have also tried booting the computer with the burner disconnected.

Any quick ideas on what I might be missing? Thanks in advance.

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