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Originally Posted by reaverclan View Post
to keep it short antec 900 case wonding what tubing would be best im going to make my own pump buy rad and only need cpu buy tubbing at home deopt or something lol, im in usa btw. so will this cluterd case fit 1/2 id tubing i doubt it but eh im asking experts. heres my link to my comp so far reaverclan/comp log/c2d setup - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting or do i even need water i have awsome temps right now
like 42c at load with air.
edit: heres temps pic that when running like four games all at max including Oblivion maxed out with out artifacts:) OHNOHEDIDNT.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

cherrs and thanks for the help
First first, could we get your computers specs ?

Second, why do you want to get watercooling ?

Third, are those temps with an overclocked CPU or GPU ?

Normally, ppls get watercooling to push their watercooling further. Now, i do realize that some will get it for the "bling" factor and only for that... But if thats why your aiming at watercooling, then, IMO, it's useless to go watercooling.

Oh and BTW: Your English is terrible. Had a hard time understanding you Kinda hard to help when you can't understand the questions!
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