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Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
Jody (3oh6) is the King of sub-zero cooling - contact him. He'll definitely guide you in the right direction.
i wouldn't go near as far as saying king, but yes, i do like it cold

this is what i use. i have two of them and they are perfect for my needs. dual input, won't break the bank, haven't had a single issue with them and are pretty decent on batteries. they definitely suit the needs for benching with LN2 or warmer.

TM200 - Dual Input Type K Thermometer

i got both mine from Active Electronics (THERMOMETER DUAL INPUT TYPE K) but you might be able to find them cheaper just searching google with web pages from Canada. i just got mine from Active because they had a couple in stock when i ordered and needed them quickly. usually it is a 2-3 week wait through them though. fire away with any specific questions you may have about them. HTH
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