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Originally Posted by LCB001 View Post
I was thinking it might be time to expand the scope of our Folding/Crunching Teams. When Rosetta@Home was first proposed I for one thought it might detract from our Folding@home Team, instead it seems to have reinvigorated it with several former members returning to the Fold and working hard as members of both parts our Team.

We already have a fledgling Seti@Home presence which is useful for when R@H is having server/supply issues. Another Boinc project which might spark interest is the World Community Grid [WCG]. One of the WCG projects is 'Help Cure Cancer' which is based out of the Ontario Cancer Institute, being Canadian I thought it a natural fit for this Forum. I know there are several HWC members that run WCG for other teams that we can hopefully recruit.

Separate from the Folding/Crunching I think we should start participating in DC Vault - Home Page which a clearing house for all things DC and runs a global master standings chart. This would result in greater exposure for our Teams and for HWC in general. There are currently ~394 teams and with our standings in F@H and R@H I think we would place about 264th on the list and would climb fast.

Sorry for the long post, but I think its time to do this. So what do you think ??...
I don't know, the thing with Rosetta @ Home is that its something that can easily be run on the CPU while people Fold @ Home on their GPU's. F@H and R@H can live togther peacefully and at full throttle with little to no issue. I see adding a third team would simply strain the resources of our folding/crunching members as they try to alocate resources between 3 or more projects.

R@H and F@H complement each other as the F@H ppd achieved on a CPU is minisucle compared to GPU folding. This allows people to crunch full power on R@H, producing good numbers on both, taking a almost non-existent hit on both(maybe 5% ppd/RAC on both due to overhead, loss of CPU folding)

Theres something to be said about spreading oneself too thin, and starting another 3rd main team would be just that IMO.
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