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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
The mesh grilles on top of the HAF are removable? The part you highlighted says that the grilles on the HAF ARE NOT removable while the ones on the 840 ARE.

I don't have the case here so I will wait to see what AkG says but the sentence seems right to me...
Sorry.. I was more pointing towards the sentence spelling.. :)

Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
First off, the review was amazing. One of the best and most thorough case reviews I've seen. But a few things on the case that would really improve it IMO.

1. Optical bay covers. Seriously I don't know how high end manufacturers (besides Lian Li) don't buy optical bay covers on. It kills the clean look of a case with an ugly optical drive.

2. The black mesh top on a silver case looks horrible.

3. Manufacturers really start needing to adding hot swap bays in their cases too
Agreed with point no 3 for sure.. Only a few things more from the HAF w/aluminium costs double the price, there should be some insentive. If not all 6 of those hard drive bays, at least 3 of them could have been hot swappeable, a start point..

But I said it already, and the bottom line AkG this has to be the best review on this case to date available..!!
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