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Wow.. This is great AkG. Thanks.

Well AkG I can safely say with all the reviews out on the net, this is the best of them all, excellent review. Every aspect of this case was covered.

In a way it lacks and looses to the HAF 932, but all in all it is a good case, the price surely is on the high side, costs roughly $300, the 932 is half the price and has most of the features on the ATCS 840 and a bit more.. Nonetheless, it is Friggin' Huge

Also AkG, please fix this/reword it:

As with the HAF 932, installing a triple bay radiator in the top of the case means first removing the monster 230x200 fans. This may sound daunting but in fact is an easy proposition since unlike the HAH 932, the mesh grill covering the fans is easily removable
I'm guessing your were trying to say the ATCS 840 mess grills are removable.

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