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Originally Posted by enzofirenza View Post
Ok loyal forum users...
I've been reading quite a bit about Seagate here on the forum, of course this is after I purchased one,D'oh!!!
It's not that bad, but has anyone bought one of their Sata ES drives?
These are supposed to be their Enterprise line, meant for servers and the like. 24/7 operation and a 5 yr warranty.
I find mine makes a bit of noise while it's seeking and writing.
Almost like my cordless shaver!!.
Using this in my modest gaming rig, it was substituted for my original drive that wasn't available at the time of purchase.
Any feedback?
Live with it?
Thanks again everyone!
i have a regular seagate barracuda 500gb and there's no noise. I've had it since the summer. I guess it would be wise to RMA it if it's that noticeable.
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