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Originally Posted by francois methot View Post
My nefew wants to up-grade his computer by changing the motherboard + CPU. He have an e-machine T6420, 2.2 GHz x64 3400+ and want to up-grade to Abit NF-M2S NVIDIA Socket AM2 MicroATX Motherboard and an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400+ 2.80GHz Socket AM2 OEM Processor. Will he have to re-install Windows from scracth?

Thank you for your advise...
Generally windows is dumb when it comes to detecting new hardware and making you reactivate. I've swapped from an NF4 board to another NF4 board with no issue, and even an NF4 to an NF5. The trouble comes when you are changing from, say, a Via chipset to an Nvidia one, however even then, I've gotten away with x3200 to NF4 with no problem. I think i was lucky though.

One thing you have to consider, however, is that if he is using thE OEM license for his computer, then it is against the EULA for him to change motherboards, and therefore illegal. This is not so if you have a retail license of windows.
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