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Default Old rig died on me?

Hi folks!
I have a decent gaming rig and I left my old one for the wife and daughter to use.
They use it for browsing the web and a little bit of gaming (mostly Quake wars ET)
There it is:
Athlon 64 3400+
1 Gig Samsung DDR400
GeForce 7800GS AGP
120 Gig Seagate SATA HDD
Thermaltake TR2 470Watts PSU (not great I guess, but it replaced a failing Antec TP2 430W)

Of course it's a 5 years old rig, so I'm not expecting high perf. out of it!
So yesterday it was fine and I shut it down properly.
Today, the "voice post reporter" says: System FAILED CPU TEST repeatedly, to no end. No video signal, no way to access BIOS to look at voltages, or anything else.

The manual says: reseat CPU...they if it still occurs, call ASUS customer support...I can see it for a new build, but for an 5 years old comp, I doubt they would do something for me..

This is what I opened, CPU fan spins, dusting out the whole thing, checked on all connections, checked if the HSF was thight enough, resetting the CMOS by taking out battery for 15 minutes, jumper moved to CLEAR CMOS position (cord detached of course)...

I'm out of luck...
I never OCed that rig at all, so I doubt the CPU would be dead.
Thing is that none of my buds own decent computers or have spare parts for me to test my old machine by swapping parts.
I like in Quebec and there is no DECENT computer shops around, only the local "Let me sell you outdated stuff for twice what it's worth" kinda deal, or that futuristic place and staples...(I'd like to stay away from those 2 places, as I don't thrust their tech support)...

Any help would be appreciated!!!

BTW, I searched the ASUS forum, and everybody that tried to RESEAT CPU and re-applying Thermal compound, had NO LUCK solving that issue...

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