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Originally Posted by Ghlin View Post
Normally this wouldn't be an issue for me, but someone is looking for a business laptop and needs some specific such as

- Has to be XP, no vista
-Laptop needs to come with a numpad instead of just the top row.

Are you looking at buying new or used. New laptops with XP are getting rare. Besides Dell offering laptops with downgrade rights, Lenovo/IBM offers some models with XP Pro, and I believe HP does, as well.

There are lots of deals to be had on used laptops. Check some of the notebook specific forums buy/sell sections.

As for the number pad is concerned, you are looking at a laptop with a 17" display. I do not recall any units with smaller screens that have a dedicated number pad. Targus makes a USB number pad. It can be used with any computer.

With more info, we might be able to give better suggestions.
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