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My System Specs


1. Corsair HX 1kW
2. 2 x GTX 280 SSC (great prices right now)
3. As was mentioned spending upwards of $600 on two HD's is rediculous, especially for a 15 yr old on a Budget better to go WD Caviar Black 640GB x 2
4. Silverstone TJ 09 / 10
5. As was mentioned a True 120 would be suffice, they're providing very good results in OC the 920.

PS A few folks have already provided you with very valid and constructive criticism / points of which you completely "shut them down" with "Well, I saw this comment on the Web Site" if you're heart is set on what you've chosen, why post that you're looking for input? Seem another one just recently on here that insisted on a I7 965.
Anyhow, regardless of your response to my suggestions. thats it. Remember, most folks that provide advice on here are basing thier advice not so much on what they've read, but either what they have personally experienced or what fellow posters have experienced.

Good luck with your build.

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