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Default DWL G510 (REV.B&C) Vista 64bit Working Drivers

Hey Folks.
This is more just an informative post for those with the
D-LINK DWL - G510 Xtreme G Wireless Cards for the Rev B (Atheros) and Rev C (Ralink) versions , and for those who may stumble across it in google, and for myself in the future if I ever forget . After hours of searching without luck for the proper drivers I managed to gather enough information to track down the RevB drivers from Atheros and stumbled across a link for the Rev C ones on dlinks website.

Initially with the RevB, Vista64 would install generic Atheros drivers which resulted in very poor and poor signal strength, with the router right next to the card. After the update it jumped to a full 5 bars.

Rev B. Drivers:
ATHEROS Wireless LAN 2.4/5GHz - Download Driver AR5002G

The RevC card failed to work right off the bat until these betas were installed.

Rev C. Drivers
DWL-G510 64bitVista Driver

If these links eventually die, please let me know and I will do my best to update them. I will attempt to host these files sometime soon just in case.
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