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First?...Eagle Eye is right, no violating allowed! the only phallus I care to see is my own thank

I hope to get folding again as soon as I get the 3rd 280 on water, I'm curious to see how it will do too.

I ran 3D Vantage yesterday with the 2 GPU's and as soon as I get another PCI-E 6 pin cable I'll hook up the 3rd and run it again. ORB - Compare

Miggs is right Gord, the drain tee is just sitting there but you have a good idea there, maybe I'll drill a hole in the bottom and mount it . Miggs?...that red thing is a fan with a honeycomb cover to direct the air more efficiently, behind the fan is a red XSPC passive aluminium res. The thermaltake kandalf lcs case has the rad in front and actually works quite well, I'd like to swap it out but because of the case I'm having trouble finding one the same size that will fit.
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