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Default Wierd crashes? No BSOD

Here's my specs:
750i FTW
GTX 260
3x Yate Loons
2x Thermaltake 92MM
2x Noctua P12
1x 36GB Raptor (OS)
1x 640GB Caviar Black (Storage
1x Fan Controller (Lamptron 45W per channel FC2)
2x2GB Mushkin Redlines

My computer completely freezes up, music stutters and stays in one place.
I don't get a BSOD - it's just stuck.
This happens 2-3 maybe even 4 hours since it has been on. Has happened twice so far.
Upon restart, OS won't restart. I have to completely shut down and turn on for it to get back up.
This started happeneing after i installed a new fan controller (Lamptron FC-2) as well as some new bezels..

Unfortunately this doesn't happen often enough to take parts out and find out whtas wrong via trial/error..

Anyone ever experience anything like this?
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