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I always saw people writing that overclocking a card was more demanding with folding than gaming. When I was OC'ing I used the game COD:WaW because it really cranks out the shadows and particles if you max out the graphic options and strangely I found the exact opposite to be true. WaW would crash so I tuned my shaders to only 1458 to make the game stable then tried folding and got no problems. Now that I'm tinkering with the core, mem set really low and shaders up to 1620 it's folding stable so I thought hrmm maybe I'll try cranking my core and mem back up and see if that crashes or still stays folding stable. Well sure enough 2 WUs passed ok. I'm just rambling on here I suppose but it seems like folding isn't as stressful on the shaders as some games. Or maybe it's just me not using enough variation of 3d stressing and maybe my crashing in WaW was a program specific problem and not over shooting a stable overclock. Man I really feel for the hardcore benchmarkers and reviewers who have to do so much testing. Sky does what 5 passes of sythetic benchmarks and game benches in like 4 resolutions, times what? 6 different games. omg what a pain in the arse...give these guys a medal!
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